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In our area, you need working air conditioning throughout the year. It's recommended to get A/C service at least once a year. The vehicle's air conditioning system requires care and maintenance just like every other part of your car to work properly in the desert. Not only does the heat in Las Vegas make you hot, but it also taxes your vehicle's working components. We specialize in A/C service.

Call us for preventative care

Don't wait until there is a problem to bring your car in. Our preventative maintenance service is exactly what you need prior to the blazing heat of summer. We'll charge and service your air conditioning system to ensure it works to its fullest potential all season long.


You'll get quick and easy service from our team. We're ASE-Certified professionals that complete your project on time and within your budget. Talk to us about your vehicle's needs. Expect competitive rates.

Let us help with your air conditioner

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